Monday, February 1, 2010

Random Thoughts On A Monday Morning

Posted by Green Team at 7:50 AM
So I was coaching yesterday and got to thinking. There were 12 teams at this volleyball tournament with about 10 girls on each team, plus parents and coaches. Most players were drinking out of plastic bottles and throwing them in the garbage. Now this happens weekend after weekend and most of these facilities do not have recycling bins nearby for the girls to put their bottles in. Now this is only one sport in one part of WI, if you then think about all club sports that play on the weekend and all the plastic bottles that are going to waste it is mind blogging. So what can we do. Well I talked to the tournament director and I am also going to talk to our Region director. Maybe we can get some kind of movement going to stop all this waste!

So after I got home last night, I was watching the Pro Bowl on TV and it was raining. Then that got me to thinking, how do others wash their car. I taught my husband a unique way when we met. I wash my car in the rain, even if it is only 50 degrees out. Then I am not using extra water. Then for the crazed car enthusiasts, you can dry the car in your garage so you don't get any water spots.

And my last random thought comes from me taking the garbage out. So we have been slowly moving away from using plastic bags, we are bulk shoppers so have a lot to get rid of in the house. Well once they are gone we are going to be using a pail liner, like the one most use for cloth diapers. Then we will not get anything but paper bags if needed at the grocery store. Do you remember when you could only get paper? That has been such a long time! So check with your local garbage collection company or city and see if they require you to use bags. Most do not!

I told you I had a lot of random thoughts on a Monday Morning. :)



Jessica on February 1, 2010 at 4:26 PM said...

Those are great ideas. I most enjoy the pail liner. My parents (without even thinking green) just dump their garbage out and then resue the plastic a few problem is how gross their big outside garbage gets, any answer for that?? The water bottles, what could you do for that? gey a recycle bin? Reusuable bottles for all ($$ cha-ching) Let us know =]

Green Team on February 1, 2010 at 8:07 PM said...

Well what I am asking the Volleyball Region to do is encourage clubs that host tournaments to provide a recycling bin by each garbage bin. There are a lot of girls that do already bring reusable water bottles but then buy a gatorade in a plastic bottle and then throw that out. It is so hard.

As for the outer garbage can I do know people that use one big outdoor garbage bag and at least it reduces the amount of plastic some. Or we leaves our outside during a heavy rain or even a snowfall (just let it melt) then kind of rinse it out.

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