Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winner - Bug Spray

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We have a winner on the bug spray!

#22 was drawn - Karen P! Congratulations!

Now, next go around, we will soon be doing a review and giveaway on Monkey Doodlez Tuck and Go Diaper - I hope more of you will participate!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So it's that time... what time? Oh yeah, Giveaway time!

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Well, since no one other than my dear twitter friend Nikki responded to my last post (hmmm, anyone out there?), I will heed her advice for this next giveaway.

This is an awesome item as it's great for kids and adults! How many of you hate to spray commercial bug spray on your kids and even yourselves? I know I struggled with that for years. Before I was even "crunchy," as some would know call me (which I still never will understand that term along with "granola"... I just say natural or green (which green still doesn't make complete sense, but now your really seeing my over analytical personality come through)) there were certain things I never cared for. I didn't like taking a lot of medicines in general and I was not a fan of spraying deet and chemical filled bug spray on me. However, I did it as I also could not stand mosquito bites - and maybe it's my blood type or something, but they flock to me. Even still if we were to go outside unsprayed in a mosquito filled night for say 5 minutes, my husband might get 2-3 bites, I'd come in with 10-12.

Now, I haven't tried that experiment, but I know it's true. And they itch and get big and it's just no fun. A few years ago we started making our own bug spray with some Purification Essential Oil and water and to my husbands surprise, it worked great! Now some of the same ingredients along with others to stabilize it a little more, we carry the Beat It! Bug Spray. We have been using it this year and love it! I'm not going to list the ingredients here because I want you to go look at the product for yourself, I'm sneaky like that, but will be for a good reason.

Great thing about this item, is it is safe for kids and babies! Of course be sure to not get it in their eyes. It will sting. Had an unfortunate incident where hubby was holding Noah and I asked him to blow on his eyes so he'll close them (though I was just spraying the back of his head/neck area) and well, I sprayed, but didn't think to tell hubby to close his eyes and poor thing, his eyes were burning for a couple minutes. They are just fine now, but that was not fun for him.

OH and I don't know how many customers I have had come into the store and ask about a natural bug spray that is safe for kids, I tell them about this and they say "and does it actually work? Because we've tried "x, y, or z" and it didn't actually work" - well I guarantee, this one DOES!

And on that note, we're gonna give one bottle of the 4 oz bug spray away for a lucky winner to try. Mosquito season is not over yet unfortunately so if you don't win this one, pick one up for yourself too! AND if you are in store, I can do refills for less than what the original bottle costs! How great is that!? Then the bottle can be reused and less waste for all!

Anyhow, how do you win?

First Entry and must do before others:
Go to the Beat it Bug Spray page and comment here with an ingredient that is in the Bug Spray

Other possible entries after 1st is done:
~Tweet the Giveaway @RGNaturalBabies and comment here - allowed once daily for entry, but may tweet several times daily
~Fan RG Natural Babies on Facebook and comment here
~Put a post on your facebook page about the giveaway, make it @RG Natural Babies so it links to the fan page and comment here that you did that! By having it link with the @RG... I will be able to confirm it when it shows up on the fan page- one entry only
~Blog about the giveaway, comment here and put the link to the blog so I can confirm!

Giveaway ends... July 27! Please make sure I have a way to contact you in case you win!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sorry it's been so long

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To all of our readers - we are sorry for not keeping up with our blog. We still have a lot of vision, goals and plans for this blog, just life has limited time a lot.

I, Michelle have been busy opening up our new store front, RG Natural Babies, in Racine, Wisconsin. We had our Grand Opening event on May 28th and have been blessed with the opportunity to share cloth diapers with more people. And while many still don't want to go that route, we have had numerous sales of the reusable swim diapers, which I still count as a success as they keep several swim disposables out of the land fills!

We feel like we are still trying to get settled in - it has been a lot of work and many hours of sacrifice. But we are blessed by the support we have received. It will take a lot of time to grow our business, but there is so much encouragement and a lot of people who have expressed how glad they are that we have opened this store here. We pray that it continues to grow.

Besides the swim diapers, a couple more popular items have been the Natural Sun Screen and Bug Spray that we carry - I must say, these work awesome!

Kristin hasn't had as much time to post either. You can however find her occasionally at the Brookfield Farmers Market on Saturday Mornings. She was off for a few weeks as the volleyball team she coaches made it to Nationals and she had the opportunity to take them down to Florida. They placed 33 out of 127! Way to go Kristin!

She is also working on a new cart for her online store, My Baby Pumpkin, which is going to have a new awesome design, she is enjoying more outside time with her kids this summer, and has a new project she's working on that she'll be sure to announce soon :)

We are excited to say we should be updating more frequently than we have even if life doesn't slow down. AND of course ahead this week will be a giveaway... of what is still being decided as there are so many great options to choose from! I'm thinking either a diaper or possibly one of the summer necessities like bug spray or sun screen - any thoughts and I'd be happy to listen :)

Have a blessed day and I'm happy to be posting again and getting back to making Wisconsin a greener place!

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