Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Green New Year Resolutions

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'Tis the Season for RESOLUTIONS! Here are some to get you started:

There are many more you can use too just be creative!

After Christmas, in addition to our other ideas:
  • Let your kids use the Christmas card backs to color on
  • Or one of my personal favorites Mail the fronts of cards UPS "ground" or "bound printed matter" to St. Jude's Card Recycling, 100 St. Jude Street, P.O. Box 60100, Boulder City, NV 89006 and then they reuse them to raise money
What can you start to do in the New Year:
  • Use cloth diapers and cloth wipes
  • Compost (watch for an article on my adventures in this to come in the New Year)
  • Plant a tree
  • Use cloth cleaning towels
  • Get a reusable coffee cup and use it!
  • Turn off the water in the shower when you soap
  • Use biodegradable laundry soap
  • Buy recycled products
  • Walk to some of your errands or bike to them
  • Consider donating when you do any home remodeling to Habitat for Humanity Restore
  • Try canning (this will be another article in the New Year)
  • Use Vinegar and baking soda to clean you may be amazed
  • Finally remember to recycle!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Green Christmas

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Every year through the hustle and bustle, some of the true Christmas Spirit is lost. What is Christmas about? Is it about Santa? Is it about Gifts? Christmas Trees and Sleigh Bells, Snow and Reindeer? Wrapping Presents and Drinking Hot Cocoa?

Okay so maybe some of the stuff is SEASONAL, but lets not forget when Christmas began - a tiny baby was born in the town of Bethlehem, his mother Mary and Joseph. And with God the Fathers prompting, they named him Jesus. This little Baby Boy lying in a manger brought the GREATEST gift of all times. One that no one can top, the gift of Eternal Salvation! We no longer had separation from God, we can now have a personal relationship with him. AMAZING!

So the Spirit of Giving continues because of this amazing Gift we have been giving and we give because Christ gave to us! But let us not forget who the very first giver of life was.

On that note, his Gift was also very environmentally friendly - and of course it was because he wants us to protect the Earth he created!

So now, how can WE be more "green" as we share the Christmas cheer of giving? Here is a ROCK'N way to RECYCLE and REUSE:

1. Reuse Boxes - Instead of getting boxes from Kohl's or other stores that offer FREE boxes with gifts you purchase... you could reuse your Cereal Boxes and put items in there! Even Kleenex boxes

2. Open your gifts neatly
- Every year, I save as much of the wrapping paper as I can! Even if there are some rips in the paper, either a bow can be placed over it or you can wrap an item that is smaller and cut off the edges!

3. Collect Tissue Paper - Even when at friends parties, if they are not saving the tissue paper, I ask if I can have it. Why? Because that is a lot of waste that does not need to be wasted!

4. Keep the Bows
- Of course the kids always like placing these on their heads and playing with them - but if they don't stick after they are done playing with them, use tape to sticky them onto another gift!

5. Newspaper - Instead of Tissue paper, reuse newspaper ads - or use a certain section of the paper that you know someone would like to wrap their gift. If you know someone who likes jokes, wrap theirs with the Comics. If you are giving a gift to someone who is looking for a job, use the job listings - if they like talking about money and the economy, wrap their gift with that section! Not only are you being green, but thoughtful too! And it's the gift that keeps on giving!

One other idea would be to have your kids color pictures and wrap gifts with the pictures! Who wouldn't love that?

Now if you made it through this - we'd love for you to share your Green Christmas Tips!
Also when we reach 50 Followers, we are blessed to giveaway a $10 Gift Certificate to RG Natural Babies! IF we reach 50 Followers by December 31 - there will also be a $10 Gift Certificate given away from My Baby Pumpkin! If it is after, then the latter will be saved for another giveaway :) There will be a couple ways to enter and the first way is to become and follower and comment with a green Christmas tip or write that you have used one of these options! So that will give you two entries and look our for more ways soon!

So please, have a Merry Christmas from Go Green Wisconsin! Remember the TRUE reason for the season and remember to think of others and what you can do for them this year! And here is a link if you are unfamiliar with the original Christmas Story!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Super Black Friday Specials

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Are Cloth Diapers becoming the new trend? RG Natural Babies is focused on helping others make the switch to Cloth Diapers with as much ease as possible. With the super cute patterns and colors, easy to use snaps or velcro, not to mention the thousands of $$ that one will save using them instead of disposables! Why wouldn't you want to make the switch today!

You are in luck, RG Natural Babies has many sales going on for Black Friday and a lot of specials you WON'T want to miss! These sales will make your cloth diaper switch even more economical!

Here is a list of the specials:

First, there were be 3 awesome giveaways going on!

1. All orders on Black Friday will be entered to win a NEW Thirsties Duo Diaper!

2. All orders over $100 on Black Friday will be entered to win 2 One Size Diapers of Choice and Medium wet bag!

3. All orders over $100 placed Black Friday through Cyber Monday will be entered to win a CUSTOM Diaper Bag made by Brooke Van Gory! These have RAVE reviews and you will have your choice of different fabrics! (Please note winner will be required to pay shipping to Brooke, approx $7)

Now for the extra goodies... Every order has the chance for something Free - that's right, FREE! Any size order can have a soap nut sample and Rockin' Green sample! Just place the "Free Items" with those options into your cart.

Orders over $20 begin to have the option of a free wipe or insert and it goes up from there. Please note You may only choose 1 of these FREE Items. If the Free Item you chose is above what you spent, I have the right to hold back that item and send a different choice. Any questions or confusion, please contact me directly!

Most Items in the Store will be 10-25% off. Some more, some less!

Rockin Green Detergentwill be 40% off from midnight and it will go until I am back from shopping and can update the price to 25% off - so get in early! (estimated time 8am)

Dry Bees, Wahmies, and Rocky Mountain Diapers will be on sale 10-20% OFF!

Thirsties 10-25% off! The Thirsties Pocket AIO is clearanced out and Thirsties Duo Diaper is now available!

ALL Fuzzi Bunz are 15% OFF! If I do not have what you are looking for, send me an email and let me know your choices and I will get them in less than 2 weeks!

Don't forget to get your Flip, Econobum, and BumGenius AIO for 20% OFF!!!

IN Stock Bummis Covers will also be 20% off!

Don't forget we just added Hyland's Teething Tablets and more and are featuring them at 15% off through Monday!

There are just too many to list, so shop and enjoy! Remember you can always come back for
more too!

PLUS - if you made it through to the end... Another SPECIAL for readers here: Please note, you may only use 1 of these coupons so choose which one you want! And each will only be able to be used ONCE, so first come, first serve! If the code doesn't work, someone else probably used it already, sorry! They will be activated 12:01 EST Friday.

$5 off orders over $30 with code: GreenWIBF5

$10 off orders over $65 with code: GreenWIBF10

$15 off orders over $115 with code: GreenWIBF15

$20 off orders over $200 with code: GreenWIBF20

Friday, November 20, 2009

Upurea in Racine!

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Have you been looking for natural beauty products, makeup and more? Look no further - Upurea is a hip natural store located in Racine, Wisconsin. Don't stop reading if you are not in Racine or Wisconsin! They have a webstore you can purchase from - www.upurea.com complete with a referral program and all!

What do they sell - ALL natural skin care - lotions, soaps, shampoo, facial cleansers and so much more! Even makeup and lip gloss that has a base of Vitamin E!

They opened their concept store in Racine, WI a year ago and are opening a temporary store at Regency Mall starting Black Friday!

We will have more information for you about this store for you soon and hope they will share of the Upurea beginnings!

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Baby Pumpkin One Year Anniversary!

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Kristin, the owner of My Baby Pumpkin is celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary! Not only does she sell eco friendly products, she has used them well beyond that. Kristin started cloth diapering her daughter from birth. It was a better alternative than sposies and of course a HUGE money saver!

Her wonderful husband was able to help support her business when he had some time off of work after the birth of their 2nd child and My Baby Pumpkin was born! Alina and Logan are of course a huge part of her days, but in between all the hustle and bustle of mother hood, she has been able to grow a good business with excellent customer service.

She is located in Watertown, WI and while she does not have a store front at the moment, she is always available to local customers by making an appointment by doing private showings, cloth diaper classes, and more! She carries a full range of not only cloth diaper products, but baby leggings, organic toys, momma products.

Join her in celebrating her one year anniversary - here are her current specials:


FREE Shipping on most items! And reduced International Shipping during October!

    One of her cutest products at the moment: A Custom Pumpkin Diaper! This is a must have for this Fall Season and your little pumpkin will have a one of a kind diaper!

    Check it out and you won't be disappointed!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


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Welcome to Go Green Wisconsin Blog! Please bear with us as we continue to get our blog up and running!

We are two families in Southeast Wisconsin that are doing our best to make choices that will benefit our children and generations to come. One way we know how is to protect the Earth we have been Blessed with by recycling, reducing, and reusing! We want to help you do the same - AND we want your ideas!

If you have a "Green" business in Wisconsin and would like to be featured on this blog, please let us know. From time to time, we may feature a business that is not from Wisconsin if we cannot find a resource here, but we also know one way of "reducing" is by purchasing within our own community to avoid longer shipping miles. We welcome online business and store fronts just the same!

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