Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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About Michelle

We are a Christian family company desiring to provide the best for your baby. We started this business after using cloth diapers on our daughter - Rachel Grace (4/2007). We since have a son - Noah (3/2009) who used clothdiapers from the beginning.

We had already been using the truly natural bath and body products for our daughter and giving her organic food, but we were still using the disposable diapers with the chemicals against her skin and body. We also were aware of how much waste we were adding to the environment by using disposable diapers. We wanted to provide the best for her and felt this was a good decision.

I (Michelle) am a stay at home mom who also gives piano lessons. Once we started using the cloth diapers more, we were inspired to start an online retail store featuring many products that we have used and more.

My husband Bradley also helps with the business when he is not working his job outside of the home. We feel God has truly blessed us by allowing us to have this business and hope that you will be blessed through the products we carry.

We hope that we can meet your needs and please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

About Kristin
I am a full time stay at home mommy to my June 2007 little girl and my August 2008 baby boy. I am a school teacher by trade, but put that on hold as I did not want to miss out on being a mommy, something I could never get back down the road.

I started my business as a way to share the wonderful products I have discovered over the last couple of years. I have fallen in love with natural baby care products that are on the market as well as cloth diapers. When I was pregnant with my first child, I did a lot of research on cost, environmental concerns, effects on the children, and have put some of that research to action with my children.

I hope you will find going green as rewarding as I have. It has helped me feel connected to our environment and the world around me. I am grateful for this opportunity and will happily help share my experiences.

We look forward to having you be part of the My Baby Pumpkin, RG Natural Babies and Go Green Wisconsin Family.


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WI Green Sources

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www.tinytush.com Wisconsin made cloth diapers
www.lusaorganics.com Wisconsin made soaps, baby products and mama products
www.willowpads.com Wisconsin made cloth diapers and accessories, home products, mama products
www.planetwiseinc.com Wisconsin made wetbags, pail liners and swim/diaper bags

Cloth Diapers

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Benefits of cloth diapering:
Cloth diapering has changed considerably over the years, making them more versatile and functional as ever.
  • Less Expensive You will find a lot of information that compares the cost of disposable diapers to cloth (washed at home or using a diaper service). The results vary, as most of these studies are paid for by disposable companies. But most agree that you will save about $800-1,200 over the average of 2 1/2 years of cloth diapering. Using cloth wipes will further reduce your costs as well as using diapers on multiple babies.
  • Environmentally Friendly Cloth diapers are reusable. Most cloth diapers are designed to be durable and hold up for more than 1 child. Over the course of a babies diapering life you may use up to 6,000 diapers. With cloth most will use 24-48 diapers, that is 5,976-5,952 less diapers in our landfills. Most parts of a cloth diaper can be reused even after you are done diapering your baby for cleaning rags.
  • Better for Babies Bum Disposables are filled with chemicals and often parents let their babies stay in a disposable for longer than they should which exposes them to more chemicals. Early tests are now showing that babies who were put in disposables have an increased chance of infertility due to the chemicals in the diapers. Cloth diapers also provide better airflow which decreases diaper rash on babies.


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If you are in Wisconsin (Northern/Illinois also since we are very close), with a natural product or natural store you would like featured on our blog, please send us an email!

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