Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update on Recycling at Volleyball Tournaments

Posted by Green Team at 7:41 PM
So last week, I mentioned how when I was at a volleyball tournament it bothered me at how many bottles of water and plastic were being thrown out. So I was talking to my parents about this and they agreed they didn't like it either. So we came up with a plan, we are now going to bring a tote with reusable bottles to all tournaments as well as buy the powerade drink mix so they can just add it to their water instead of buying it. One of the parents even said she will bring a bag for our girls to place recyclables in and take them with them and recycle at home.

Now our club, River City, also hosts volleyball tournaments and I have asked our director to place bins on each court so that the players maybe more inclined to recycle.

It isn't much but it is a start and maybe other clubs will see what we are doing and make changes as well!


P.S. We did win our tournament, this weekend too. They are 15's and we played in a 16's tournament. And now they may go to Nationals in Orlando! I am so proud of them. :)


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