Sunday, January 24, 2010

Green Your Home - Laundry

Posted by Green Team at 2:02 PM
In Wisconsin, we have cold cold winters and the dryer gets used more often. In the warm weather, even if the clothes gets left in the dryer, it's usually okay - but in the winter, if it's the slightest bit damp when it is finished drying and you forget to get it right away, we usually have to run the dryer for a bit longer.

In summer, I like to hang the clothes outside when I can. I have heard of people hang clothes outside in winter too and kudos to them! I think that is awesome if you can do that and have the motivation for that. Unfortunately, the cold and I don't get along very well. And our basement isn't currently conducive to hanging a line down there.

I tried some of these dryer balls which we got at Bed Bath and Beyond with the coupons they mail out. At first it seemed like they may be helping, but honestly, it still seems to take forever for things to dry.

On other websites, I've heard something about Wool Dryer Balls. So I decided to google it and found this tutuorial. You can make these yourself and they have great reviews! Unfortunately I do not have the time for that at the moment, but am going to seek out some Wool Dryer Balls to purchase and try with our laundry. Anything to save some money and energy would be great. From other posts I've read, it seems like these really help.

Please add your experience and if you've had success with these or any other method.


Green Team on February 2, 2010 at 7:58 AM said...
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Nicole on February 7, 2010 at 6:35 AM said...

I use 4 dryer balls. They help the problem. I would love to try wool also. The best thing for our dryer was a new washer. (lol i know) Our dryer vent goes up then over then down into the basement then up and out. So unless we are to change the venting in our house there is not much we can do to help it. We do have extenstions and clean out the lint ever 4 months or so. Anyway, when we bought a HE washer it spins so much water out that it cut our drying time in half (for most loads, still hard if there are tons of towels). I also try to to put more then 2 pairs or jeans or 2 large towels in any load of laundry. I find that helps my drying time. I also seperate the top and bottom bed sheets and wash them in seperate loads since they bundle up.

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