Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Green Your Home - Cleaning Products

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Ever think about what you are using to clean your house? What do these bottles say "Keep out of reach of children" "If anything is ingested, call poison control"?

Many people like the smell of "clean" but what is it you are enjoying the smell of? Unfortunately it isn't really "clean" that you are smelling the smell of the chemicals that were used to clean.

When I was pregnant the first time, I became very aware of different items I was using to clean around the house. Even before I never really liked the fact that these chemicals seemed so hazardous, but once I was pregnant, I was very aware that everything going into my body was now affecting this little baby inside of me.

I recall a couple times I would clean and hold my breath... seriously!? There had to be a better way! I shouldn't have to hold my breath to clean unless what I'm cleaning is THAT dirty - and well, it wasn't. We finally had started using essential oils for natural health remedies and they also had a natural cleaner that was available. While that was quite pricey, only a small amount was needed because it was a concentrate. And to me, it was well worth it to know I was cleaning with something without chemicals.

Talking with others and investigating more, I learned Vinegar and Baking Soda can be used for most of your cleaning! Two simple things that everyone probably has in their home! WOW. It is so great to have those used as cleaners in our home now. I can go into a room that was cleaned and I don't feel like I'm inhaling chemicals.

Interestingly enough, now when I go to public restrooms or even other people's homes and I can smell the chemical cleaners, it immediately gives me a headache or sore throat. My body just isn't use to it.

But you know what? Even though our house may not "smell clean" after it is cleaned, it is clean! Also when I spray and wipe the counters with a mix of water and a few drops of Thieves Essential Oil in a bottle, I can feel safe having my kids or I eat off the tables and counters. It's really a great feeling!

Remember, there are a lot of cleaners out there that are truly natural and cost more, also ones that have "natural ingredients" but aren't 100% natural, or you can use good old fashion baking soda and vinegar!

How do you Green Clean your home?


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